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COIF.CAPITAL is a unique and one-of-a-kind crypto investment fund managed by Community.

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Value of fund assets pools as of June 17, 2024 (update weekly after launch):
Value of fund assets pools as of June 17, 2024 (update weekly after launch):

Pool #1

8800 USDT + 12m COIF locked

Pool #1

8800 USDT + 12m COIF

Pool #2

0.5291 WBNB

About Us

COIF.CAPITAL is a crypto project that combines the idea of a traditional investment fund, such as an equity fund, with cryptocurrencies and adds many additional features.

The investors do not invest directly in the fund, as is usual with conventional investment funds, but buy the project’s own cryptocurrency COIF1 and thereby automatically acquire the right to the shares of the fund’s assets, regardless of the time of purchase. At the same time, they acquire the right to co-decide how the fund assets are managed. Among other things, they decide which share of the fund assets is paid out to the community2 and when.

COIF.CAPITAL is a crypto project that has the following main objectives:

  • Long-term accumulation of fund assets in the form of cryptocurrencies by the community and for the community. The fund assets belong to the community and not to the project team.

  • Sustainable demand and thus price growth for COIF through unique utility and tokenomics.

1COIF (COmmunity managed crypto Investment Fund) = cryptocurrency of the COIF.CAPITAL (like shares of the company)
2Community = COIF token holders

COIF Allocations

Total Token Supply: 100,000,000 COIF

Total Token Supply:

100,000,000 COIF

  • 35% long-term growth funds (unlock after 6 years)

  • 10% team and investors (unlock after 2 years)

  • 15% ecosystem development (unlock after 12 months)

  • 12% Pool 1 (unlock after 12 months)

  • 5% seed sale ($0.02)

  • 15% private sale ($0.02)

  • 2% special sale ($0.025)

  • 6% public sale (Fair Launch, $0.0042)

Allocations   % COIF amount Price Lockups Schedule
long-term growth funds 35% 35,000,000 0% TGE, lockup for 5 years, after 5 years linear vesting 1 year
team and investors 10% 10,000,000 0% TGE, lockup for 1 year, after 1 year linear vesting 1 year
ecosystem development, marketing 15% 15,000,000 0% TGE, after TGE linear vesting 12 months
Pool 1 12% 12,000,000 0% TGE, lockup for 12 months
seed sale 5% 5,000,000 $0.02 100% TGE, no lockup
private sale 15% 15,000,000 $0.02 100% TGE, no lockup
special sale (public) 2% 2,000,000 $0.025 100% TGE, no lockup
public sale (IDO – Fair Launch) 6% 6,000,000 $0.0042 100% TGE for sale (3,000,000), lockup for 2 years for LP (2,280,000)

Initial circulating supply
after launch

25,000,000 COIF

Initial market cap
after launch

$105.000 ($424.000 fully diluted)

Initial COIF amount in LP
after launch

3,000,000 COIF

Simplified Functionality

Simplified Functionality

Current Tax: 0% Buy – 10% Sell

Pool #1

Pool #1

Long-term pool of assets which can contain every cryptocurrency (details in white paper).

Pool #2

Pool #2

BNB pool for direct distribution to COIF token holders as “BNB Dividend”.
(Initial setup: payout 20% of pool every 2 weeks to all accounts over 100 COIF).

Pool #3

Pool #3

COIF pool („COIF Burn Pool”).

COIF Utility

  • COIF token holders have the right to the shares of the fund’s assets, regardless of the time of purchase

  • COIF token holders are entitled to “BNB payout” from pool #2 and payouts from pool #1

  • Governance: COIF token holders have a say in how the fund’s assets are managed (voting functionality)

  • „Burn function” with pool #3

  • Buyback with pool #1 and #3

Many more utility points such as payments, advertising and so on are planned, more information in WP.

Smart Contract



Important addresses

Description Address
Pool #1 0x52769B308bB8FC78aFDBfa0bD345da8D85Eb31fA
Pool #2 0x245871b9871334F5F027915583d056C9813d5d67
Pool #3 – BurnAddress 0xFca9C898BB4F311599DBBDc4644dcab8564E04f6
pool3Wallet 0xfD92637A67cfCbd7eE0c79056325e3701123d5A2
liquidityWallet 0xB760eE3dE3F1f67e3829B75577D2415A6eD52B6a
marketingWallet 0x1cE17B3813d00BA4808D707a475749a039870226
ecosystemLockAddress 0xd9Ae31BcD6B831677A8EA44CB8c25313e055BAEb
teamLockAddress 0x6447F25329b22D104FF5293A04fF23b04fd713Fd
longTermGrowthLockAddress 0x4423B4c89f32bdb007098cEcd865A74AC2f52e0C




  • Challenges of investment funds and new solutions
  • From Idea to Product

  • Market Analysis

  • Detailed planning of the project
  • Smart Contract implementation and test



  • Seed Sale

  • Website
  • Social Media

  • Smart Contract Audit (by SolidProof)

  • Private Sale



  • Smart Contract Audit (by Cyberscope)

  • Start of Ambassador Program

  • Start of Community Building

  • Start of Marketing



  • Public Sale

  • Launch with Listing on PancakeSwap



  • Marketing with Twitter and YouTube influencers

  • Investment Strategy Development



  • Voting Feature on Blockchain

  • Installation of “Trader team”

  • Massive Expansion of Marketing and Partnerships

  • Cross-Chain Compatibility


Q1 onwards

  • Collaboration with Traditional Finance

  • Additional Utility for COIF

  • Update of Roadmap


COIF (COmmunity managed crypto Investment Fund) = cryptocurrency of the COIF.CAPITAL (like shares of the company).

On PancakeSwap. Please check the smart contract address before you buy!

Standard slippage is 6%. If you try to buy a large amount and get an error at 6% slippage, you can try to increase up to 10%. Please check the smart contract address before you buy!

The video link will be published here later.

COIF.CAPITAL was founded by a talented group of experienced business leaders, developers, designers and marketing specialists.
Our communication manager David (Telegram: takes care of all public communication.

Please contact our communication manager David on Telegram: or write us a mail to

COIF token is implemented on BNB Chain. Multichain also planned for the future.