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Value of fund assets pools as of June xx, 2024 (update weekly after launch):
Value of fund assets pools as of June xx, 2024 (update weekly after launch):

Pool #1


Pool #1


Pool #2


About Us

MEMECOIF, a MEME token with real utility from COIF.CAPITAL, merges traditional investment concepts with the exciting world of cryptocurrency. Featuring vastly improved tokenomics compared to COIF (parent token), MEMECOIF ensures sustainability and skyrocketing demand.

Join the revolution and be part of an unstoppable community! MEMECOIF offers incredible opportunities, real benefits, and the exhilarating potential for a 100,000% gain and more. By investing in MEMECOIF, you gain not only a stake in fund assets but also a powerful voice in shaping our future.

Since 2022, we’ve been passionately developing this groundbreaking project. Now is your chance to grow with us and drive MEMECOIF to unparalleled success. Don’t miss out on being part of something extraordinary – secure your place in the MEMECOIF community today!

MEMECOIF Allocations

Total Token Supply: 100,000,000 MEMECOIF

Total Token Supply:

100,000,000 MEMECOIF

  • 64% Liquidity (40% Presale + 24% LP)

  • 2% First 2000 holders (1000 MEMECOIF each)

  • 10% MEMECOIF Treasury

  • 10% COIF Treasury

  • 9% Marketing

  • 5% CEX wallet

Allocations   % COIF amount Price Lockups Schedule
Liquidity 64% 64,000,000 100% TGE for Presale; 0% TGE for LP, lock 12 months
First 2000 holders 2% 2,000,000 $0.00001 0% TGE, lock 6 months, then linear vesting 6 months
MEMECOIF Treasury 10% 10,000,000 0% TGE, lock 12 months, then linear vesting 12 months
COIF Treasury 10% 10,000,000 0% TGE, lock 6 months, then linear vesting 12 months
Marketing 9% 9,000,000 0% TGE, lock 6 months, then linear vesting 12 months
CEX Wallet 5% 5,000,000 0% TGE, lock 3 months

Initial circulating supply

40,000,000 MEMECOIF

Initial market cap

For FairLaunch HardCap 100 BNB

Initial amount in LP

24,000,000 MEMECOIF

Simplified Functionality

Simplified Functionality

The same properties as COIF (our parent token) to ensure sustainability.

However, tokenomics has been optimized in such a way that constant demand is maintained and even grows over time.

1% Buy Tax

0.3% Pool #1
0.3% Pool #2
0.3% Marketing
0.1% Liquidity

1% Sell Tax

0.5% Pool #1
0.5% Pool #3

Pool #1

Pool #1

Long-term pool of assets which can contain every cryptocurrency (details in white paper of COIF).

Pool #2

Pool #2

BNB pool for direct distribution to MEMECOIF holders as “BNB Dividend”.
(Initial setup: payout 20% of pool every 2 weeks to all accounts with 1000 MEMECOIF or more).

Pool #3

Pool #3

„MEMECOIF Burn Pool”


  • MEMECOIF holders are owners of the fund’s assets, not the team!

  • MEMECOIF holders are entitled to payouts from pool #1 and #2

  • Governance: MEMECOIF holders vote on the fund management

  • „Burn” with pool #3

  • Buyback with pool #1 and #3

Many more utility points such as payments, advertising and so on are planned in the future.

Smart Contract



Important addresses

Description Address
Pool #1 0xa21009Daaf2778806772F914B9eCf302921fEC28
Pool #2 0xeDD679dBb065446908F69f7698aee81589D5224F
Pool #3 – BurnAddress 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD




  • Challenges of investment funds and new solutions
  • From Idea to Product

  • Market Analysis and Detailed Planning of the Project

  • Smart Contract implementation and test



  • Website & Social Media

  • Smart Contract Audits

  • Sales and COIF Launch on PancakeSwap



  • Marketing with Twitter Influencers

  • Idea to start a MEME with real Utility



  • Focus on Building of the Best Community

  • First 2000 MEMECOIF holders

  • Presale FairLaunch MEMECOIF

  • First Partnerships



  • Listing Coinmarketcap and Coingecko

  • Marketing with Twitter and YouTube influencers

  • CEX listing

  • Community Voting on next steps


Q1 onwards

  • Installation of “Trader team”

  • Voting Feature on Blockchain

  • Extended Marketing Strategy

  • Investment Strategy Development

  • Massive Expansion of Partnerships



We didn’t started yet. Later on PancakeSwap. Please check the smart contract address before you buy!

Standard slippage is 2%. If you try to buy a large amount and get an error at 2% slippage, you can try to increase up to 5%. Please check the smart contract address before you buy!

The video link will be published here later.

COIF.CAPITAL was founded by a talented group of experienced business leaders, developers, designers and marketing specialists.
Our communication manager David (Telegram: takes care of all public communication.

Please contact our communication manager David on Telegram: or write us a mail to

COIF token is implemented on BNB Chain. Multichain also planned for the future.